Why Meteoski

'What’s the weather like?'' has become a frequent question on the day of each of us as it affects many aspects of our life when it’s time to plan. A touch on the smartphone makes us know about temperature, precipitation, and humidity in every corner of the planet.

The contribution of meteorology in modern society has now become essential: we rely on forecasts to plan our trips out of town, to organize cultural and sporting events as well as agricultural planning and transport logistics.

Mass Market

The 'mass market' platforms, although equipped with advanced technologies and models, do not aim to provide a level of detail that takes into account the morphological peculiarities of a given location because their models are designed to be effective on a large scale.


On the contrary, Meteoski & Meteoalpe were born with the sole objective of offering vertical products dedicated exclusively to the niche world of the mountains, integrating the meteorological information available with the morphological characteristics of the area at different altitudes, allowing to have a detailed, reliable and precise forecast. It allows the user to have the information that allows him to know which slopes in the area have the highest degree of comfort, taking into account: temperature, snow conditions, wind, and visibility.


This information allows the sportsman (skier/snowboarder/hiker / etc.) to reduce the probability of incurring accidents and injuries caused by conditions of poor visibility, snow holding, etc. because it gives You the possibility to better study the itinerary to optimize the experience in the best condition. With our app, You will be able to check the changes in the comfort index over the entire area, hour by hour.


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