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Meteoski is aimed at a wide audience supporting the activity of sportsmen (skiers, snowboarders, hikers, cyclists, etc.) and also the operators who work in the mountain market and need adequate tools.

They will have the opportunity to optimize company resources, strategic planning, production analysis and logistics.

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Each of us, when it’s time to plan any leisure activities, considers the variable 'weather forecast'. Before organizing a trip with friends and family, the weather conditions are evaluated as a discriminating variable for the purpose of choosing the location or activity. This evaluation is even more important in the mountains, when carrying out a sporting activity that takes place outdoors, in an environment that can be hostile.

Skiers & Snowboarders

Knowing the weather forecast upstream and downstream of a ski area allows You:

  • know what conditions will occur at high altitude at each hour of the chosen day;
  • obtain, thanks to the artificial intelligence, the information about the best rate of comfort on each slope in the area;
  • study in advance which itinerary allows you to enjoy the best conditions of comfort, given the forecast weather conditions during the day.

Skiers & Snowboarders

This allows:

  • to be able to make thoughtful choices regarding the location and the route;
  • to be able to compare the expected comfort on several ski areas;
  • to be able to exploit and enjoy the day on the snow to the fullest, being able to use for every hour of presence in the area of ​​the slopes that offer the best comfort, which could in practice be translated, for example, as slopes with less exposure to the wind, with better grip snow, with better visibility;
  • to be able to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents linked to adverse weather conditions: the platform indicates both the comfort level of the track and the color assigned to the area, so that the user can choose where to go, based on its skills and the state on the slopes.

B2B We Serve

Ski resorts

The service offered by Meteoski is an important plus also for the ski resorts, because:

  • It offers an additional service to its users (skiers, snowboarders) that adds value to the experience itself and creates in the user the feeling of care and attention, which produces loyalty;
  • It makes the operations and maintenance processes more efficient; the knowledge of the meteorological conditions at high altitudes and their evolution support the planning of maintenance activities (for example artificial snow) in advance and for defined time bands, allowing a saving of resources and their more efficient use;
  • It brings more safety for users and for the facility itself, in order to plan the closure time of those areas which, due to the occurrence of adverse conditions, do not allow the safe transit of users (e.g. excessive wind).

Associations and activities related to tourism

Meteoski brings an added value in the organization of courses and individual lessons because it allows the teacher to decide the path to take based on his level of learning and the best weather conditions offered by the ski areas.

Regarding the tourist activities, Meteoski & Meteoalpe constitute an added value offered to the customer, who can use the service and plan the day outside in the comfort of the hotel. Our service will be a precious toll for the guests and their families, in order to enjoy the maximum comfort and to reduce the risk of find themselves in bad conditions due to weather.


Our service applied to “competitive purposes” can be exploited to its full potential for an incomparable result. For more experienced users, Meteoski provides a team of professional meteorologists, who can offer specific advices to optimize training and competitive performance.

If Safety and Comfort are valid for practicing winter sports for everyone, the services provided by Meteoski become an added value in planning competitive activities. We have developed a control panel to support the match director, the coach and the organization committee with scientific - strategic advice with the aim of focusing and optimizing:

  • the logistical aspects of the tender;
  • the analysis briefings before the races (strategies, equipment, etc.);

the post-analysis activities are aimed at evaluating which meteorological aspects (track conditions, wind direction, temperature, etc.) affect the athlete's performance in a given segment, also in relation to how much these conditions can advantage or disadvantage the opponent. The service can also be useful for the media.