The Project

Our goal is to improve the outdoor experience and reduce the risk of injury.

The weather across the mountains often changes rapidly and the main reason is the orography. This situation leads to discomfort for the hiker that he should compensate with equipment but often could also lead to injuries and serious accidents.

The Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, to reduce the likelihood of injuries, recommends checking the weather conditions, visibility, and snow before any tour.

Mainstream platforms are often not enough: if I want to tackle the Translagorai, for example, It would be hard to find the weather forecast for those altitudes and that specific route.

The Project

Whether it's skiing, via Ferrata, mountain biking, or other outdoor disciplines, I need to be aware of the place I'm going and need the proper advice to better manage my activity.

To mitigate the risk of injury and improve the mountain experience, we have studied an innovative algorithm capable of producing comfort indices expressed in absolute and relative numbers, from a visual and thermal point of view.

Meteoski & Meteoalpe developed a forecasting system that provides details of the weather forecasts of the ski slopes and any other path in the area, considering the conditions foreseen for the different altitudes.

The Project

The innovation offered by the service is based on artificial intelligence techniques that relate, through non-linear models, the forecast data of the meteorological variables of a given area with the morphological characteristics of each ski slope or path.

The result is a comfort index, developed based on the consideration of visibility, temperature, and the state of the snow (just to mention a few variables) which advises the user, based on the selected time, about the ski slopes of the area which, given the expected weather conditions present the best conditions of comfort, allowing him to enjoy the most comfortable conditions and to reduce the probability of injuries due to the conditions of the slopes.